Along with the popularization of the internet, and the increase in demand for mobile Internet applications from the hotel guests, the hotel network construction developed rapidly in recent years. Especially in the cities with frequent travelling business people and economic prosperity, the Internet has become the standard configuration services for the guests which provided by the hotel. In the overall situation, how to provide differentiated services base on the basic functions for the guests, has become an important index of hotel service to stand out.

As a hotel intelligent ecological operator “AMTT Digital”, its subsidiary company “AMTT Net “ – AMTT (Beijing) Internet Technology Inc., Ltd focus on hotel Internet service and management operations. Since the beginning of 2006, closely along with the development trend of Internet technology, concentrate on studying the hotel Internet access features, and the particularity of the hotel Internet operation management, “AMTT Net” keeps pace with the times, study and develop independently the hotel Internet management and authentication billing system (AMTT innFOR eFlow HSIA), professional wired broadband, wireless coverage solutions, Wechat micro O2O operating platform base on the mobile Internet applications, hotel big data products, and etc. From the research and development of products, production, project consulting and design, installation, staff training, and the later use guarantee, and background services, and so on, AMTT hotel Internet management service operation creates stable, high speed, convenient Internet operation management and comprehensive services for the hotel according to the whole industry chain self serving system, in order to bring a safe, fast and stable Internet application experience for the high star hotel in house guests, and also provides convenient, efficient and practical Internet management and service tools for the hotel management team. After many years of continuous improvement, the gateway products have been upgraded to the hotel high speed Internet access and integrated management service system (Hotel High Speed Internet Access and Management Service).

The gateway products and services of AMTT Net occupancy of main land China market is already over 80%, and is serving around 3,000 high end star hotel clients, which including Marriott, intercontinental, Accor, Shangri La, Wyndham, Starwood, Hilton and etc. more than 30 international hotel management groups, and become the certified supplier of products and services. ……

At present, the business of AMTT Net has covered the Hotel Gateway hardware, the product customer service center, hotel Internet service, conference Internet security service, Mobile terminal hotel O2O Wechat service, hotel LBS location service, hotel big data, hotel online shopping, and so on.

What attracts attention is, AMTT Net creates the integrated service system for the high end star hotel clients, base on own 400, 800 service center, all the time, 7*24 hours are on call. To ensure that providing service support within a short time, to guarantee the safety, stability and efficiency of the hotel Internet operations.