Base on the consideration of feature requests from the hotel users, AMTT hotel network solutions reply on the unique technology of hotel network management and authentication billing system (AMTT innFOR eFlow HSIA)as the core of the network management, use the network printing product (AMTT NetPrint)as feature application, and also employ the Motorola wireless coverage solution ( Motorola WLAN ) with high reliability, and Cisco / HP (CISCO/HP)wired switch products together to build the star hotels network full coverage operation and management system. And also use the customized and professional AMTT platinum five star service system ( Platinum 5-Star Service ) to protect all the time in order to exempt from all worries for the hotel.


IP PnP, achieves the plug and play completely from access to apply.

Support overseas email send and receive, MSN audio / video and other key business applications;

Forwarding packets with high efficiency, to ensure the hotel has a strong and stable network platform;

Fully support for wired / wireless network management;

Support the export multi-operators;

AMTT independently research and develop the double computer hot standby technology, to guarantee uninterrupted broadband integrated application and management for the hotel.


A variety of authentication methods to simplify the certification process of guests;

Comprehensive coverage of all areas of the guest rooms, permanent rooms, meeting rooms, coffee shops and so on, the perfect combination of the Internet costs for the wireless area and the effective area.

Automatic identification of multi language authentication page, and can be customized according to the demand.


Support hourly, daily, hourly billing for daily to the cap, hourly billing for half daily to the cap, monthly, and other multiple billing strategies.

Base on the above variety of billing strategies, the guests can freely choose their own preferred billing method.

Fully support for hotel bills, Internet cards, credit cards and other payment methods;

Advanced online user detection technology and leisure offline control technology, to ensure strictly the accuracy of the billing.


WEB background management system with powerful functions and grading of authority, support WEB, SSH access command line remote management, the rich network status view function allows you manage the network easily and freely.

Fully support for mainstream PMS, complete realization of check in, Check-Out, Room Change, real-time posting and night audit and other functions, help you quickly integrated the existing hotel management system;

Rich Front Desk daily log report, guests Internet daily log report, accounting statements, which allow you are clear at a glance for the hotel broadband operations status.

Front Desk quick service, simple operation allow to check the network status of the room, setup of the guest room broadband and the allocation of public Internet for the guests.

Complete network management and audit, all operations will be recorded to the local audit file, some sensitive operations such as reboot operations will lead to a SNMP TRAP real-time alarm;

Perfect Combination with the network printing system, the guests can easily print out a document in the room, wihch highlight the dignity of the guests.


Support policy routing, the users can choose the operator exit by themselves;

To support the user uplink and downlink bandwidth and the control of linking number.

To support the page reset to the hotel or broadband operators portal;

Powerful filtering capabilities, customizable filtering rules, effective protection of network equipment;

To support the complex hotel internal network structure, internal installed NAT, DHCP, address mapping, port mapping, source routing strategy and other functions;

QOS can allocate different bandwidth according to user application, when there are many businesses at the same time occupied bandwidth, through QOS technology, multiple business data process according to the grade, to guarantee the business grade more important as first priority, and handle the business which user perceived higher demanding in the first place, which is equivalent to provide a dedicated traffic control equipment for the hotel.

Through the guest room network printing system, guest’s computer does not need any settings; the guest can enjoy the fast and convenient printing service by using WEB browser. Stay in the guest room, and easily print out documents which show the hotel detailed service, and highlight the dignity of the guest.

Customized printing out the Portal page and the cover page according to the hotel standard.

To support portrait and landscape, color and black and white printing, and also the choice of printing methods, billing directly charge to hotel management system through eflow HSIA.

To support high confidential password method and convenient method to print

To support MS Office, WPS Office, PDF, BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF and other picture format printing.

To support a new generation of 802.11n Wireless Network architecture: Using MTMR design, large bandwidth, wide coverage, strong sensitivity;

Distributed forwarding: In solving the network bottleneck problem at the same time, to improve the system reliability, the wireless network works normally when the controller is facing outage situation.

Safety protection technology of marginalization: on the network edge of the AP devices to achieve safety protection function, traffic attack will be intercepted in the AP which will not have any impact on AC devices;

Wireless load sharing ability: when staff is over intensive, the controller can automatically determine to let the AP which less load to take over the personnel to access with different needs.

Excellent Motorola SmartRF technology: the network adapt automatically to the change of the RF environment, to provide reliable coverage when there is a failure happen to the access point, or the interference is detected. And also can track wireless client and automatically adjust the power level, in order to maintain such as smart phones, tablet computer, Handheld electronic game or portable computer and other types of wireless mobile terminals to provide consistent connection.

Network self-healing function:support single controller failure, the under AP can be managed by other AC;

Low cost and high income: AP acts as the role of management and to manage 25 adjacent AP, in order to reduce the hotel investment;

The management role of innFOR eFlow HSIA system: Wi-Fi device management of Motorola wireless network system.

A variety of switch products satisfy the needs of hotel to build up the broadband connection, smart guest room control and other network environments.

innFOR eFlow HSIA monitors all switches, SMTP TRAP supports directly observing the switch ports status in the guest room, and also can alarm automatically when the switch in the guest room restarts or has outage abnormally.

AMTT provides the perfect pre-sales, installing and configuration services for the switches.